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Who We Are

'EAT ME' isn’t just a random name for a brand. It’s our quest to bridge the gap between good taste and health. We are three brothers who share a passion for healthy foods, and believe that great taste comes from great ingredients. This ultimately led us to start our own greenhouse farm, where we use hydroponic and climate control technology to better care for our plants. Everything here is clean, safe, and grown under optimal conditions, providing us with harvests that are favorable to our planet as well as our stomachs.


We want to prove that quality exists here in Indonesia, and that locally grown produce can actually be so much better. We promise to provide great tasting nutritious foods so that you'll eat healthy not because you have to, but 'EAT ME' because its tasty!

Go ahead, Eat Me. 

To learn more about our company click on the logo above or visit us at:

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