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PT. Hydro Farm Indonesia is the result of one family's discovery on the importance of health. Our fascination with technology has helped us look for innovative ways to improve our lives. We believe healthy eating can help us live a longer and healthier life. This led us to hydroponics, and quickly learnt how we were able to easily grow healthier and tastier food. With what started as a home garden, we slowly grew to the company that we are today. As a family company, we understand the difference a healthy life can make, and the potential hydroponics can do to help every family achieve that. 

Currently we are the largest hydroponics farming and gardening supplier in Indonesia. We grow using proper techniques to produce only the safest and best tasting fruits and vegetables. By combining passion with technology, we provide the highest quality hydroponic systems and produce in the market today. 

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Hydroponics Home Gardening Systems

We design, manufacture, and distribute hydroponic systems and accessories for home & home gardening. All our products are made with high quality, safe non-toxic materials. 

Greenhouse & Technology

We supply climate-controlled greenhouses along with various types of professional hydroponic systems. Our wide range of options and features accommodates all production needs, from basic to fully automated greenhouses.

Commercial Farmer

We are professional growers ourselves. Using the same technology, we grow various types of fresh fruits and vegetables which we distribute under Eat Me brand. 

Healthy Lifestyle

As firm advocates for health, we are constantly searching for new ways of providing good health and nutrition. In addition to fresh produce, we will also be supplying organic superfoods which we will distribute under the brand Suka. 

Education and Training

We provide hydroponics training, and pride ourselves in teaching the safe and proper way that give optimal results. We are also ambassadors of healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to improve health from the very foods grown on our systems. 

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