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What's Our Secret?

Here at Eat Me brand we're passionate about what we do. Whether its our state of the art greenhouses, or our commitment to quality, we believe in synergy. A combination of all that, plus so much more.

Good In, Good Out

For us, it all starts with the seed. That's why we select only the best tasting premium seed varieties that are perfectly natural, Non-GMO, and safe from all the artificial nonsense. We ensure only the best for our plants so you too can be at your best.     

Hydroponics Technology

Hydroponics is a clean and efficient way to grow using water instead of soil. Clean water is mixed in with nutrient solutions, which allows direct uptake of food, as opposed to soil where the roots must search out the nutrients and extract them. In this sense, our plants can focus on full growing potential instead of food searching. 

Optimal Growing Conditions

Our plants enjoy cool comfortable conditions all year round. We control ideal temperatures and eliminate bad weather, pests and disease. Together with hydroponics, our plants are fed the perfect balance of oxygen, water, and nutrients all day, everyday. By limiting outside factors, our plants stay happy and thrive on producing bold flavor and nutrition. 

Safe & Sustainable 

We take pride in safe, ethical, and sustainable growing. When our planet also benefits, we call that a win-win solution.     


Prima - 3 CertifiedPesticide safe, no preservatives. Instead we use natural pest systems including insect nets, sticky traps, and natural predators.   


Halal Certified: Prepared with accordance to Islamic law, and is free from pork products, alcohol and other prohibited ingredients & processes. 


Recyclable: All our packaging is made of 100% recycle material so that we can help save our planet. 


Space Efficient: With the same amount of space, we grow 4 times the amount of plants in our greenhouses as compared to traditional farming 


Safety & Sanitation: We follow strict sanitary protocols when it comes to cleaning, harvesting, and post harvesting. All aspects of food safety are assessed by an independent third party.

Water Filtration & Recycling: We use ozone, carbon filter, and reverse osmosis to filter out harmful bacteria and minerals out of our water source. This allows our plants to maximize the uptake of nutrients. Water is also recirculated to reduce waste and consumption.


Control & Accountability: In hydroponics, we control all aspects of the growing cycle. We provide everything our plants need to thrive, and do so in a clean and protected environment. We make sure our growing mediums are safe and contain no toxins or bacteria.


Grow with Passion

Our team consists of passionate growers who believe in improving lives through  healthy foods. For us it's not just a job, but it's a mission. We never settle for less, because everyone deserves the best.

Handle with Care

Timing is everything. All our produce gets handpicked at the height of flavor, and packed at the peak of ripeness. We use gentle shipping methods in the shortest trips possible so that it stays crisp and fresh for you and your whole family to enjoy.  

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