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Is hydroponics safe?

Hydroponics is completely safe. It's a type of modern farming which grows directly using water instead of soil. We submerge our roots directly in nutrient filled water, and use hydroponics technology to control optimal amounts of nutrients, oxygen, and ph within the water. This way our plants are always given what they need just as they need it. Together with our greenhouse technology, we can naturally eliminate pests, disease, while optimizing growing conditions for efficiency and quality.


Are the nutrient solutions used in hydroponics chemicals?

The nutrient solutions are the food sources for our plants. We have specifically formulated the correct balance of key nutrients required for optimal growth. They are made from food grade safe salts, the same components used to make everyday multivitamins & supplements. Completely safe, non toxic, and non industrial. We guarantee all materials sourced are safe and perfectly edible.  


How do you naturally eliminate pests and disease without pesticides?

We use a combination of processes to ensure natural prevention of pests and disease. Our greenhouse is fully covered and kept super clean to keep pests from entering the growing environment.  In addition, our greenhouse is thoroughly washed and sterilised after every harvest, ready for the next growing cycle. 

How do you ensure food safety and sanitation?

Our water source is filtered and non soil mediums washed to eliminate all bacteria and toxins. We are pesticide safe and enforce a very strict hygienic control on all of our processes from seedling all the way to post harvesting. 


How come your produce are much bigger in size? Do you use steroids, or genetically modified seeds (GMO's)?

Not at all. This is one of the clear benefits of hydroponics, as it allows plants to reach full growing potential.  

Is hydroponics considered organic? Whats the difference?

Hydroponics is related to organic in the sense that they both do not use pesticides. However they are both different methods of growing. Hydroponic uses a combination of water and technology, while organic use traditional soil based methods. 

How long is your shelf life?

Although we can never guarantee exact numbers, on average our vegetables can last 10 - 14 days if kept sealed and refrigerated before it starts to wilt. 

How can you maximize freshness?

Refrigerate vegetables at 35 - 40 degrees farenheight within two hours of purchasing. Keep them sealed if not being used, and store them in a plastic bag or lettuce keeper after opened. Always try to keep them stored and maintained at constant same temperatures. Fluctuating storage temperatures severely reduces life of vegetables. 





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