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Introducing our Baby Blonde Melon. Compact in size, but prized for its amazing sweet taste. Vibrant blonde on the outside, with an inner green flesh thats full of sweet aromatic juices. It's also low in calories, and contains almost no fats or saturated fats of any kind. It's the tastiest way to replenish the body with vital nutrients such as vitamin A, C, fiber, and potassium. So the next time you have a sweet-tooth, try our Baby Blonde and satisfy your cravings without feeling the guilt! 

Sweetness Level : 15-16 brix 


DID YOU KNOW? One way to tell whether our melons are ripe is when the bottom and outer rind is soft and squishy.


Black spots on your Baby Blonde? Don't worry thats actually a good sign! Similar to a ripe banana, black spots are indicators that your baby blonde is sweet and ready to eat!  

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